Keeping those petals perky!

What to do when you get your flowers home. 

Contain Them!

Find a container big enough to comfortably hold your new blossoms without tipping over. Clean that container well! Your vase should be as clean as your tea cup. Scrub it out with soap and water to the point that you would be able to drink out of it.

Cut Them!

Your flowers have been out of water and need a little help getting ready to take a long-awaited drink. They have a little gap of air inside their stems which will not allow water up. You need to snip at least ½” off each stem at a 45 degree angle providing more surface area and ensuring that the stems don’t sit flat on the bottom of the vase. If you’re able to cut the stems under water, even better.

Hydrate Them!

Your blossoms are thirsty. Fill that vase up with cool water and insert the stems making make sure there isn’t any foliage below the water line. Here’s the hard part:

Change the water daily. I know. I know.

But clean water prevents bacteria from growing which is what causes the early demise of flowers.

Clean Vase + Clean Water = Long-Lasting Blossoms (and no yuck!)

Enjoy Them!

Set your gorgeous flowers in a spot that you will see them often just make sure it’s not a spot in direct sunlight or with extreme heat. Flowers are sensitive creatures.

Share Them!

Snap a picture and share the local flower message.