Planning a wedding or event? Feeling Crafty?

For the creative individual, we offer DIY buckets of flowers for weddings + events. Whether you want to put a personal touch on your event or if you are trying to keep costs down, our buckets of flowers will help you to create beautiful arrangements for your special day.

All of our buckets contain a balanced mix of focal flowers, filler flowers, and foliage so you have everything you need to create complete arrangements. 

We pick the freshest flowers that are in bloom on the days preceding your event. Our flowers are unique each week, each month, and each season. We select the contents of these buckets based on availability.   

Due to changing weather patterns, we cannot guarantee specific flowers. 


Our Grower’s Choice mixed buckets offer a mix of our freshest, seasonal blooms and foliage. We select the colours based on the availability of the flowers on harvest day.

These buckets best exhibit the popular “wildflower” look. 

Each bucket contains 50-70 stems. 

Looking for specific colours?

Our Themed Colour buckets can be ordered in your choice of colour(s). Match your bridesmaid dresses or add contrast to your tablecloth. It’s all up to you. We will select the flowers based on availability on harvest day.

 Please indicate what colours you would like in the order notes. 

Each bucket contains 50-70 stems. 


Need a little extra greenery?

We offer Foliage Only buckets which allow you to specify the colour of greenery you are looking for by Grey-Green, Green, or Burgundy. We also offer buckets of our own farm-grown eucalyptus. This is the freshest eucalyptus you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling!*













*Please note that buckets of eucalyptus are only available during the harvestable months of August to October. If your event does not occur during these months, please select the Grower’s Choice Foliage in Grey-Green instead. 

Buckets are available for pickup only and have a $5 refundable deposit for each bucket, or you can bring your own bucket if you’d prefer. We limit the number of weddings and events that are scheduled for each weekend to ensure the best possible service and product which means that weekends book up quickly. To reserve flowers for your special date, a 50% booking fee is required in advance. This payment is non-refundable. Our flowers are unique each season and availability changes by the week.

Please note that premium flowers including roses, dahlias, peonies, tulips, ranunculus, anemones, and lilies are included in the DIY buckets as focal flowers, however if full buckets of these flowers are desired, they must be purchased separately.

Contact us for info on purchasing buckets of premium flowers.

We are unable to offer a you-pick option at this time. Buckets are available from June through early October (the exact date is dependent on the first frost). There is a two bucket minimum for all DIY Buckets of Flowers.

More questions? Check out our Blumen Buckets FAQ.