We proudly offer fresh and dried petals for all of your event, crafting, and foodie needs!

All of our flowers are all grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides.


Flower confetti is a great alternative to traditional confetti. Our flower confetti is beautiful, environmentally conscious, and it won’t damage clothing or carpets like fresh petals can. Perfect for sprinkling down the aisle, scattering across dining tables, or for guests to toss at the newlywed bride and groom.

Check out the colour options available or select custom mix to create a colour match to your event.

Please note that petals change colour as they dry. White roses turn cream. Red roses become a deep magenta. We have tried to colour match the photos to the actual colour as close as possible but due to screen variations we cannot guarantee specific shades.


Making jam? Sprinkling in a bath? A romantic evening?

Sometimes you just need petals. We get that.

We are now happy to offer our fresh petals to you for whatever your petal needs are. Flowers change through the season and some are edible while others aren’t. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will connect you with the right petals.