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Blumen Fields Flower Farm grows specialty and heirloom cut flowers using only sustainable and biodiverse practices. We care deeply about plant and soil health and our flowers show it!

We produce high quality, distinctive, fragrant blooms that are grown as a celebration of the seasons. Each week, each month, each season, offers unique blossoms and we relish all that they bring.

Our artisanal cut flowers are perfect for any wedding, special event, celebration of life, or for any day. 

Flowers teach us a valuable lesson ~ Life is fleeting, so enjoy it in the moment!

We look forward to sharing our labour of love with you.


Why Buy Local?

Choosing locally-grown flowers isn’t just about supporting nearby businesses—it’s a conscientious decision that yields a multitude of benefits. When you opt for flowers cultivated closer to home, you’re actively reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation, refrigeration, and storage. Unlike their imported counterparts, which may endure long journeys from countries like Colombia or Ecuador, locally-grown blooms boast unparalleled freshness. By purchasing flowers sourced from nearby farms, you’re ensuring that they’re harvested at their peak, often making their way to your table within hours rather than days. This commitment to freshness not only enhances the longevity and quality of the flowers but also eliminates concerns about chemical residues commonly found on imported varieties.

Moreover, selecting locally-grown flowers aligns with ethical and sustainable practices. Farms like ours prioritize responsible farming techniques such as Integrated Pest Management and low-input fertilization programs. By fostering biodiversity, supporting soil health, and conserving water, we not only produce vibrant, fragrant blooms but also contribute to the resilience of local ecosystems.