We are thrilled that you are considering Blumen Fields Flower Farm flowers for your wedding or event. We pride ourselves on supplying the freshest, specialty and heirloom flowers and foliage for your special day.


What types of flowers are in the buckets?

All of our buckets contain a good mix of focal flowers, filler flowers, and foliage. We pick the freshest flowers that are in bloom on the days preceding your event. Our flowers are unique each week, each month, and each season.  The combination of flowers in your bucket will vary but you can get an idea of what’s growing each season HERE.

How many buckets do I need?

We include 50-70 stems in each bucket. The number of arrangements that this will make is dependent on your personal style but in general each bucket will fill 4-6 quart-sized mason jars with gorgeous blooms.

When should I pick up my flowers?

Although the flowers will last for up to a week, we recommend picking them up 1-2 days prior to your event so that they are at their freshest. This also minimizes the number of days that you have to store them for.

Do you deliver?

We do not offer a delivery option at this time.

How should I transport my flowers?

We recommend using a larger vehicle to pick up the buckets (a van or SUV is perfect). Turn the air conditioning on. Never transport flowers in the back of an open pickup truck or in any vehicle with the windows down (not even a little bit) as the wind is guaranteed to damage your flowers.

How do I store my flowers when I get them home?

Your flowers should be stored in an air-conditioned room, out of the sunlight. If you are storing outside, store in the shade and in a sheltered spot out of the wind. Do not store the flowers in a refrigerator or a beer fridge/wine cooler. Keep your flowers away from pets. Your flowers will drink a lot of water! Make sure that the water is always topped up, and change the water daily for maximum flower freshness. For more information on flower care click HERE.

How long will my flowers last?

Your new blooms were harvested at the peak of freshness and they can last up to a week if properly cared for. Some varieties can last much longer! Keep them out of the sun. Keep them cool. And keep the containers and water clean.


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